Sani Mnotem

Opening Performance at the groupshow „Gift- Reflections on closeness and dependency“ at Schaumbad- Freies Atelierhaus Graz, 2022

The opening of „Gift“ was scheduled for 7 pm. Punctually, some guests gather on the asphalt area in front of the schaumbad. At 19:20 the door is still locked. Conte Potuto gets out of the millrace and climbs over the fence. Soaking wet and dirty, they carry transparent plastic tubes filled with water in which colorful ceramic objects float in plastic bags also filled with water. They walk across the parking lot, past the waiting guests and try to open the door. The guests back away and the loading ramp in front of the entrance door becomes a stage. Conte Potuto begins to cut open the plastic tubes. Everything gets wet. The ceramic objects are shared, some still wrapped in plastic bags. The key to the entrance door also floats in a bag. A guest discovers it, has the bag slit open and opens the door. Everybody enters the exhibition. Conte Potuto also pats in and gathers in front of a yellow harbor bollard fixed to the wall of the exhibition room. Friends bring them dry clothes and warming tea. Everything Conte Potuto brought with them (wet clothes, ropes, slit plastic bags, broken ceramics and so on), is tied onto the bollard and left as a sculptural remnant of the performance.

Photography @ Simon Schwärzer + @Karin Petrowitsch + Conte Potuto