Dorfhotel Attersee was a performance, a hotel, an exhibition, a fake reality at the festival Perspektiven 13 at Attersee am Attersee.

We were invited to exhibit in the Atterseehalle as part of Perspektiven Attersee. Thomas Kasebacher and Barbara Gölles, who curated the festival for the first time, also gave us the task to create sleeping places for festival guests in the otherwise overpriced and already fully booked town Attersee am Attersee. These were the circumstances from which we developed the project „Dorfhotel Attersee“.
The townhall was declared to be the hotel reception and for the hotel rooms we looked for villagers who were interested in working with us. We printed sheets with the Dorfhotel logo and used it to cover beds in private houses, barns, cars and tents. In this way, the whole of Attersee became the Dorfhotel.
During the four weekends of Perspektiven Attersee, the hotel guests, other festival visitors, villagers, and we ourselves became actors in a complex web in which fiction and reality could hardly be distinguished.

The online booking, the check-in as well as the communal breakfast for hotel guests and villagers were pragmatic processes, based on the professional experiences of conte potuto members in the hotel and gastronomy industry, which were partly disturbed, complicated and reinterpreted. Partly through targeted interventions and partly through free improvisation. In this way, we tried to provoke subtle to gross shifts in the perception of these processes, which are built on conventions and rules.

From Monday to Friday we were busy with organizational tasks, buying and processing food for the breakfasts, cleaning and maintenance work. This was mainly carried out in the Atterseehalle during opening hours. Thus these activities became visible and the exhibition was in a constant process of transformation, while we as performers and supposed hotel employees constantly slipped into new roles.

Photos by Karin Hackl, Wolfgang Menth-Chiari, conte potuto and friends